Sweet Heat Table Top Reflector

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Sweet Heat ® Table Top is our durable, folding reflector designed to boost performance and efficiency of table top patio heaters. The highly-reflective panels open and pivot to match the profile of most table top patio heaters. The interlocked hinge system between panels ensures minimal gap to help capture and maximize reflected heat. When not in use the assembly folds in half allowing for easy storage. Sweet Heat ® Table Top is made from high-quality aluminum that’s designed to withstand the elements and is secured using two included heavy-duty, heat resistant clamps. Each assembly meets our highest quality standards and is made with care and rigor you can depend on.

Our heat focusing reflector redirects heat where you want it, protects trees and walls from unwanted exposure, and saves on propane. The amount of propane savings pays for the cost of our reflectors. 

Sweet Heat is the original patio heater reflector company and has over 2000 reviews across all online channels with a 4.6/5.0 star rating. Enjoy the perfect amount of warmth, while using the minimum amount energy!




Why Buy a Sweet Heat?

Why Buy a Sweet Heat?

Sweet Heat Benefits

  • Universal fit on all round top patio heaters
  • Saves you up to $3.75/hour in propane while in use
  • Increases your heater's heat range by up to 70%
  • Increases propane efficiency by up to 60%
  • Increasess heat intensity by up to 61%

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